Have Your salad and eat it too!



I design, install and maintain Edible Gardens of all types-Kitchen and Culinary Herb Gardens, Medicinal Plant Gardens, and Edible Flower Gardens for home residences, businesses, restaurants and non-profits.

Raised beds or native soil gardens are filled with vibrant living organic food, plant medicine and flowers that support your health, culture and culinary needs in a fun, fresh and interactive way. Flowers attract butterflies, bees, ladybugs and other beneficial insects into your garden and keep your plants healthy.  Many of my unusual and rare Spade and Seeds vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs are planted plus I also incorporate specially sourced seeds from my super inspired personal seed collection- I love to get the coolest plants in the mix. We also focus on creating a healthy living soil, chock full of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria to provide you with the most nutrient dense produce and herbal medicine. Only clean, organic fertilizers and compost are used in your garden.

Having homegrown organic vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants at your fingertips and grown in your own garden is such a beautiful  investment in your health, happiness and well-being. What an empowering and life-changing experience it is to pluck and eat your own leafy greens, berries and superfoods!

Weekly Garden Maintenance Service is also offered.