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Edible Plant Nursery


I sell Spade and Seeds Edible Landscaping plants, handgrown myself with love and artisanal expertise. Since 2012, I've been cultivating the raddest open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables, medicinal herbs for herbalists, culinary herbs for chefs, perennial vegetables a la permaculture (plants that keep coming back year after year) ethnobotanical plants (specialty plants from around the world), and exotic fruits for the home gardener. For the past few years I have sold at both Los Angeles farmer's markets and Eastside nurseries-look for the little orange tag with Spade and Seeds on it.

I grow my small-batch line of plants in accordance with the Biodynamic lunar calendar. Inspired by the moon, and plant life wisdom, I use the best Biodynamic compost, organic soil and fertilizers, and each 2018 batch is charged with gem elixirs and beneficial intentions for our community of Los Angeles. Good Vibes + Intentional Blessings= Blissful Plants


Currently Offered:

Direct Sales of Seedlings

Custom Plant Orders  (2-4 week lead time)

Contract Grows (4-6 week lead time)

Pop Up Plant Sales

Plant Brokerage