Garden Advice STRAIGHT from the hip with a HOLISTIC twist

Garden Consultations & Coaching


In my custom residential and business garden consultations, I answer all your pressing garden and plant questions, cover seasonal vegetable gardening, maximizing crop harvests, discuss water harvesting and conservation, how to create a drought resistant garden and a healthy living soil, as well as garden design tips and broad stroke planning. 

Coaching is a personalized hands on and interactive experience. I teach you how to garden organically, and the best way to plant herbs, vegetables, fruits, drought tolerant plants, even CA natives and succulents in your garden space (big or small), field, raised bed or collection of pots. You leave a session filled with garden knowledge and ready to go. And it's authentically garden therapy for the soul.

I love love love teaching people about the magic and lessons a garden provides, while empowering them with skills so that they can grow their own food and medicine- as well as how to create an outdoor garden space that reflects their lifestyle and is in harmony with our Los Angeles climate.

Cost: Both Consultations and Coaching start at 150/ 2 hour session. The consultation cost can also be used towards a weekly maintenance contract.